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Our speciality... the quartz

EUROTREX is specialized in the importation, the export and the conditioning of minerals and other natural stones; especially in the field of QUARTZ.

Sales of the following products:
Quartz, Basalt, Brassinith, Lava ...
Granite, marble, red stone of ornament (for sports grounds, alleys...)

We propose here an extract of our program to you, and will answer your particular requests with pleasure.

Use of the products

These products are mainly used in industry concrete-mixer (elements of frontage, blocks of construction, architectural concretes, industrial grounds...) but also for the purification of water [ Quartz of filtering, LAVA (biological purification of water) ]

The transport

Our LOGISTIC department is fully at your disposal for all types of transport (conventional, silos, buckets as well as transport known as exceptional for the parts weighty and indivisible) and the material of handling (cranes) being referred to it. We organize for you international transport.

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